A Virtual EFASIG Meetings Video Slide Show, July 2020 to March 2021: a review of Topics and Presenters will be uploaded subject to approval.


VEFASIG2020, July, 2020

 Logo for the Virtual EFASIG2020 Meetings, July, 2020

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Abstracts for short presentations are invited from BMSS members and non- members to participate in a virtual meeting, which has now been set up on the EFASIG page of the BMSS website and will be a biweekly series commencing on July 30, at 10.00 am, each of 60 to 90 minutes duration, comprising 2 presentations and a networking or Q/A session. Registration is free of charge for all delegates and is only required once prior to the first session.

Professor Barbara Kasprzyk-Hodern, University of Bath, presented the opening keynote, ‘Water Fingerprinting for Public Health Assessment’. Early career researchers are encouraged to present for which there will be a Leon Peters ECRs Award.

On August 13, the keynote was presented by Dr Roxana Suehring, Toronto, Canada on ‘Navigating the Chemical Soup’ followed by a short presentation by Neville  Llewellyn, Thermofisher.

The keynote on August 27 was presented by Dr Joanne Roberts, Glasgow Caledonian University, on ‘Determination of known and unknown compounds in complex environmental matrices by HRMS’, followed by a short presentation by Scott Campbell, Spectral Works, on ‘Use of DART MS and Analyser Pro (R)’. 

The September 09 biweekly meeting featured Prof. Kieran Kilcawley, Teasgasc and University of Cork who presented "Authentication of Dairy Products from Grass Based Production Systems". The second speaker from Brazil was unable to attend.

The organisers decided to continue the meetings on a monthly basis commencing on October 08. Dr Caroline Gauchotte Lindsay officiated and the focus was on the environmental problems associated with Microplastics. The keynote speaker was Prof. Javier Jimenez Lamana, Universite de Pau et Des Pays de l’Adour whose talk was entitled Detection and quantification of model nano-plastics by ICP-MS. The second speaker was Dr Helen Martin from Markes International who gave a talk on,  Looking beyond the polymer: Characterisation of Microplastics by Thermal Desorption GC-MS.

The next meetings are as follows:

THURSDAY 12th NOVEMBER 2020 10:00 BST (GMT+1)


November, Dr Dahlia Salman at Loughborough University, who is now an entrepreneurial lead on the Innovate UK ICURe SETsquared programme. Dahlia has provided another great title:

Clinical Exposome: environmental VOCs and breath analysis’.

10.00  Opening Remarks

10.05  KEYNOTE:

‘Adventures in Non-Invasive Sampling for Clinical and Forensic Applications: from Cocaine to COVID-19’.

Dr Melanie Bailey, Reader in Forensic Analysis and an EPSRC Fellow at the University of Surrey

10.40. Dr Dahlia Salman, Loughborough University, entrepreneurial lead on the Innovate UK ICURe SETsquared programme.

‘Clinical Exposome: environmental VOCs and breath analysis’.


11.25 Concluding Remarks

December 10th EFASIG Zoom Meeting



15:00   Opening remarks

15:05   KEYNOTE:

   'The Emerging PFAS Issue: Big Picture, Challenges and Solutions’.

    Ian Ross, Arcadis, UK.


           'Novel Analysis of PFAS Using a Direct Probe Ionisation Mass Spectrometer (DPiMS)’.

            Tim Sidnell, University of Surrey, UK.


Challenges Surrounding the Analysis of PFAS’.

Ian Ross, Arcadis, UK

Tim Sidnell, University of Surrey, UK

Leo Yeung, Örebro University, Sweden

Ingrid Ericson, Örebro University, Sweden

Kate Schofield, University of Plymouth, UK 


End of Year Social Mixer (BYOB) – fancy dress optional!

vEFASIG New Year Zoom Meeting
Thursday, January 14, 2021, commencing at 10.00 am
10.00 Introduction
A Food Analysis Double Act
10.05 The Role of Mass Spectrometry in Food Analysis
Part 1
Dr Benjamin Price, RSSL, Reading
10:20 Part 2.
Gemma Willox, RSSL
10.35 Discussion

11.30 Concluding remarks

Thursday February 11, 2021 10:00 GMT


10.00  Opening Remarks

10.05  KEYNOTE


Dr Marvin Shaw – University of York


" Food contaminants analysis by automated LC-MS and SIFT-MS (mycotoxins and acrylamide)”

Part one – Dr Colin Hastie, Anatune Ltd

Part two – Dr Mark Perkins, Anatune Ltd


11.25 Concluding Remarks

THURSDAY 11th MARCH 2021 15:00 GMT

The BMSS EFASIG will be hosting the final event in its current series of International Seminars on Thursday 11th March 2021 and the SIG co-ordinators warmly invite you to join us.

This event is being organised to hear from a wide range of people in our community and provide support and advice for those who are thinking about the next steps in their career. We will hear from ECRs through to retired researchers to who will be sharing the cool Mass Spectrometry based science that they now do and giving tips and advice they have learnt along the way. We will also be announcing the winner of the Leon Peters Award for the best ERC presentation of the series. The outline agenda for the meeting is as follows:


15:00    1 hour of short presentations from a wide variety of people from different backgrounds. These will focus on the Mass Spectrometry work that these individuals do, but also the journey they took to get there, (These people will then make up our expert panel).

16:00   Announcement of Leon Peters ECR Award for best ECR presentation 

16:05   Focussed panel discussion on presentations

16:20   Breakout groups where each member of that panel will lead a discussion in their own breakout room and share tips for career progression and lead some simple networking activities.


Alan Griffiths (LECO): Currently works for an instrument vendor.

Caroline Gauchotte-Lindsey (University of Glasgow): Currently Senior Lecturer.

Nadin Boegelsack (Mount Royal University and University of Saskatchewan, Canada): Currently completing a PhD.

Peter Baugh (BMSS EFASIG): Currently retired, but as active as ever.

Sarah Palfrey (VRS): Currently a Recruitment Consultant specialising Analytical Chemistry.

Hannah Britt (UCL): Currently a PDRA and also the BMSS Committee ECR/YPR representative.

Court Sandau (Chemistry Matters): Currently an environmental consultiant specializing in geoforensics, environmental forensics, biomonitoring, and arson investigation.

Please visit the EFASIG event page on the BMSS website:



All BMSS members and the ‘international mass spectrometry community at large’ are invited to join our next scheduled seminar on Thursday 10th January, 2021 at 10:00 GMT. Please register to join our mailing list and receive your ZOOM meeting invitation (if you have already registered for this series of events you do NOT need to re-register):


Please help us to bring this series of BMSS EFASIG events to the attention of colleagues around the world. We welcome the participation of ALL colleagues with an interest in Environmental & Food Analysis.

To register and submit an abstract visit the meetings page and access VirtualEFASIG2020 meeting on the BMSS website via the link https://www.bmss.org.uk/bmss-virtual-efasig-meetings-2020/

We look forward to your participation in this VEFASIG2020 series of events. 


 David Megson, Michael Wilde, Kathy Ridgway, Caroline Gauchotte-Lindsay and Peter J Baugh