VEFASIG2020, July, 2020

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Abstracts for short presentations are invited from BMSS members and non- members to participate in a virtual meeting, which has now been set up on the EFASIG page of the BMSS website and will be a biweekly series commencing on July 16, each of 60 to 90 minutes duration, comprising 2 presentations and a Q/A session. Registration is free of charge for all delegates and is only required once prior to the first session.

A plenary speaker will present the opening talk and early career researchers are encouraged to present for which there will be a Leon Peters ECRs Award.

To register and submit an abstract visit the meetings page and access VirtualEFASIG2020 meeting on the BMSS website via the link

We look forward to your participation in this VEFASIG2020 series of events. 


David Megson, Michael Wilde, Kathy Ridgway, Caroline Gauchotte-Lindsay and Peter J Baugh

Notes taken by Kathy Ridgway during the EFASIG zoom meeting on Monday June 09, 11.00 am, attended by 7 EFASIG meeting group members.

  • General agreement that shorter sessions spread over a number of weeks are more likely to be attended
  • Proposed length 60-90 minutes about right
  • Start meeting 10-15 minutes before first presenter starts to allow introductions and for any technical issues
  • Have a meeting guide/etiquette for zoom event - camera set up, presenter should use headset, everyone should be muted when not speaking 
  • Still to discuss if available 'on demand' after the event  check use of recorded sessions with BMSS
Kathy Ridgway