VEFASIG2020, July, 2020

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Abstracts for short presentations are invited from BMSS members and non- members to participate in a virtual meeting, which has now been set up on the EFASIG page of the BMSS website and will be a biweekly series commencing on July 30, at 10.00 am, each of 60 to 90 minutes duration, comprising 2 presentations and a networking or Q/A session. Registration is free of charge for all delegates and is only required once prior to the first session.

Professor Barbara Kasprzyk-Hodern, University of Bath, presented the opening keynote, ‘Water Fingerprinting for Public Health Assessment’. Early career researchers are encouraged to present for which there will be a Leon Peters ECRs Award.

On August 13, the keynote was presented by Dr Roxana Suehring, Toronto, Canada on ‘Navigating the Chemical Soup’ followed by a short presentation by Neville  Llewelyn, Thermofisher.

The keynote on August 27 was presented by Dr Joanne Roberts, Glasgow Caledonian University, on ‘Determination of known and unknown compounds in complex environmental matrices by HRMS’, followed by a short presentation by Scott Campbell, Spectral Works, on ‘Use of DART MS and Analyser Pro (R)’. 

The September 09 biweekly meeting featured Prof. Kieran Kilcawley, Teasgasc and University of Cork who presented "Authentication of Dairy Products from Grass Based Production Systems". The second speaker from Brazil was unable to attend.

The organisers have decided to continue future meetings on a monthly basis commmencing in October. Dr Caroline Gauchotte Lindsay will be officiating and the focus will be on the environmental problems associated with Microplastics.

To register and submit an abstract visit the meetings page and access VirtualEFASIG2020 meeting on the BMSS website via the link

We look forward to your participation in this VEFASIG2020 series of events. 


 David Megson, Michael Wilde, Kathy Ridgway, Caroline Gauchotte-Lindsay and Peter J Baugh