WWEM2018, November 21 and 22, 2018

The EFASIG has been invited to participate at the WWEM2018 Conference, Exhibition and Workshops, The International Centre, Telford, which is to be held on November 21 and 22, 2018. However there has been a change in the arrangements and format for the meeting and an update is included below.

 A two day analytical meeting covering November 21 and 22 has now been arranged by the WWEM organisers with the RSC SSG and WSF groups.  The EFASIG meeting will not now be stand alone as for WWEM2014 and 2016 and EFASIG presenters will be accommodated on Day 2 of the two day event in appropriate sessions.

The Title of the BMSS/EFASIG Conference is Passive Sampling, Waste Water Screening and Sensing Water Quality

The programmes can be accessed via the links:



The EFASIG Keynote speaker is Dr Detleb Jensen, European Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Registration can be accessed via the link:


Also the registration for EFASIG delegates is not free of charge, as for WWEM2014 and 2016, as the organisers of the two day meeting are charging a registration fee of £75 per day for attendance. You will appreciate that when this communication was emailed I was unaware of the plan to hold a two day meeting involving EFASIG in concert with the RSC Groups, SSG & WSF

The following EFASIG and related presenters include:

Prof. Gary Fones, University of Portsmouth

John Quick, ALS Environmental

Ms Sian Davies, BP

Dr Detlef Jensen, Thermofisher Scientific, EFASIG invited Keynote

Dr Laura McGregor, Sepsolve

Dr Marco Ruijken, MSMatrix

Dr Ruth Godrey, University of Swansea

Dr Kevin Nott, Oxford Instruments

Kathy Ridgway, Anatune

Priyank Hirani, 1ME, University of Chicago

For further information contact: Peter Baugh, EFASIG Leader (The BMSS)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.